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Wild Smoked Salmon

When you buy smoked salmon from Fairhaven Bay Seafoods, you’ll receive a ready-to-serve, superior-quality gourmet food that you can trust to be versatile, delicious and subject to rave reviews!

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Wild Smoked Salmon Fillet

Delectable…natural…wild Alaskan salmon alder smoked to perfection. At Fairhaven Bay Seafoods we know smoked salmon.

Our family has been fishing the Northern Pacific waters from Alaska to California for almost 100 years. Whether they’re Alaska salmon from the pristine North, or Pacific Northwest wild salmon from the icy waters of Washington’s Puget Sound, salmon has been our livelihood for generations. We consider it an art form, a craft involving finely honed skills steeped in traditional methods passed down from generation to generation. At Fairhaven Bay Seafoods, we value our precious ecosystem and support sustainable fishing practices to bring you only the best.

We know what great, mouth watering smoked salmon should taste like, and we take great delight in sharing some of our traditions with you and your family. The superior quality of our premium smoked salmon products is a reflection of the pride we take in preparing only the best that the Northern Pacific has to offer.

We use fresh, wild salmon caught from frigid waters, carefully filleted and treated in a special brine. The fillets are then seasoned with spices and slowly smoked over a traditional alder wood fire, creating a delectable flavor you’ll never get tired of.

Salmon Fishing Vessel called The Irene

This is simply the finest smoked salmon you will ever taste. Just try it and see for yourself.

For years we have only sold our classic smoked salmon locally and through mail order. Now you can simply order our smoked salmon online so that with a click of a button, you can bring this gourmet treat directly to your home or business. It just doesn’t get any more convenient!

Fairhaven Bay Seafoods’ premium, all natural smoked salmon is Certified Kosher, is GMO-free and has NO PRESERVATIVES. These juicy, delicious fillets are abundant in the healthy omega 3 oils that are so good for you. And because salmon has the least amount of mercury of all seafood, you know you're eating healthy when you enjoy it. Sealed in our gold foil pouches and heat processed to guarantee that unforgettable smoky flavor, NO REFRIGERATION is required until you open the pouch.

Enjoy wild Alaskan sockeye and Northern Pacific salmon with your friends and family, anywhere, anytime! Bring some to the office for your co-workers to enjoy, or pack some healthy nutrition for your next camping trip or family reunion. This premium quality, gourmet product makes any occasion a special occasion!

You can order salmon online 24 hours a day and have it arrive conveniently at your doorstep. How easy is that? And when you order our delicious smoked salmon holiday gifts for your friends, we’ll ship directly to them. You can key in up to 10 names and addresses on your order form and we’ll take care of the rest!

Smoke Salmon Corporate Gift

Personalized Corporate Gifts: Want your business associates to remember you? Distinguish yourself by giving them some mouthwatering smoked salmon in finely crafted pine boxes with your company logo silk screened right on the front. It’s a gourmet gift they won’t soon forget!

It couldn’t be easier. Just contact us and we’ll take care of it. No muss, no fuss.
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Our Guarantee: We offer only the highest quality wild Alaskan salmon and Northern Pacific salmon fillets. It is our priority to provide you with fast, easy and reliable service. We guarantee all of our smoked salmon products, and if for some reason you are not 100% satisfied, we will replace your order or refund your money. Read Our Guarantee.

Our Wild Smoked Salmon Products: Ready to taste the deep alder smoked flavor of our tasty Alaskan salmon? View our delectable, natural Smoked Salmon Products.



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A community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring sustainable wild salmon runs in Whatcom County, at the northwestern tip of Washington State.