This year’s biggest specials are drawing to a finish in just 1 day.  The twenty percent reduction in price for anything in a box can still be taken advantage of through February 3rd which is tomorrow.  Purchases made before midnight Pacific Standard Time will be price reduced.  There is still time to get your smoked salmon supply at a 20% off price.  This sale can satisfy gift ideas and fulfill dining needs for days to come. will be there for you on Valentine’s Day and during Passover.  Our smoked sockeye and pink salmon is a terrific option in place of red meat, is sustainable, and kosher.   Buying now can help prepare you for future events, important parties OR gift exchanges and significant times of the year at a value price. This sale won’t last for much longer however the quality is available all year long.  Stop by to check for changes and additions to the blog, specials, and recipes pages for your entire wild Pacific smoked salmon needs.