Ahoy There-

Well, yesterday President Barack Obama and the White House held their annual congressional picnic on the South Lawn at the nation’s Capitol.

This year’s theme was “Tastes of the States.”  I was so glad to see that the Northwest region of our country was well represented with the healthiest meal on the menu:  Northwest-style salmon.

Members of congress and their families could choose from Chicago-style hot dogs or a garden salad with Northwest salmon.  I’m tempted to do a nutritional comparison between those hot dogs and our salmon, but I’ll hold off.  Nicely done Mr. President.

So what about your picnic fare this summer?  Take along some pouches of our certified kosher Northwest smoked salmon fillets.  They’re heat-sealed using no preservatives and they travel well.  Loaded with all those healthy Omega 3 oils and nutrients, you will not find a tastier, healthier snack for your family.