AquAdavantage developed by AquaBounty is said to be the first genetically engineered salmon that will be approved for human consumption.  Just days ago Safeway and Kroger said "NO" to the sale of the GMO fish. 

Large corporations like these that join other smaller chains that refuse to carry the fish is a mile stone for the grocery industry.  In refusing to sell food that has been tampered with, management states that the health of their customer is of paramount importance.  The statement that GMO animals for consumption is not wanted by conservative, well established companies can be heard with a farther reach because of the sheer size of these two companies.  This gives the movement momentum and gives the cause a bulkier voice.

If you agree with Safeway and Kroger and, and want to voice your opinion against the commercialization of genetically altered food, you can contact the FDA directly.  Don't hesitate to write letters and emails to those in charge urging them to do the right thing- keep the GMO out of our stores and out of our bodies.