Medical scholars may agree that the best fish comes from the cold waters of the north.  High in Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential oils, wild smoked salmon from the north pacific can help with the reduction of inflammation and cholesterol.  Wild Alaskan salmon just might be the healthiest protein found on the planet and preparing it can be easier than you think. smokes wild red (sockeye) and pink salmon in the traditional Northwest manner.  We use hot alder smoke to infuse flavor and character in the flesh of every fillet.  Our brine is low in sugar and salt and the final product has plenty of moisture.  Recipes are made easy with this delicious envelope sealed ingredient.

Making wild Alaskan salmon part of your diet can assist you with a healthy lifestyle.  You will feel better overall, may lose unwanted weight, and some say live longer. 

Buying from supports local sustainable fishing and traditional fishing practices.  Check the specials page often and order online for easy delivery.