Exciting news today for those of us who want the pristine area of Bristol Bay to remain untouched by heavy industry.  Maria Cantwell asks president Obama to stop the Pebble Mine project in Alaska's Bristol Bay.  Although Pebble's representatives say that there will be safety measures installed to prevent any accident or environmental threat, the fact remains that just one oversight or technical difficulty with everyday operation resulting in environmental impact can have disastrous effects on Alaska's natural resources lasting multiple decades.  This fact completely puts aside the concern of residues and severely damaging by-products from metal mining that always leaves a mining area scarred and toxic.  Bristol Bay is responsible for the LARGEST SALMON SUPPLY BODY IN THE WORLD.  Many other commercial and private industries rely on Alaska's sustainable resources.  Alaska's wilderness areas provides the world with fish and game that cannot be found anywhere else.  The fishing economy in the Bristol Bay area is a $1.5B economy which many many families rely on.  Today is an important day surrounding the issue of the Pebble Mine going forward.  It is not needed, it is not wanted, and there are other options available which do not have such harmful effects in so many areas and sectors.  Search "Bristol Bay/Pebble Mine" or "National News/Bristol Bay" to get current stories and reports to educate yourself with.  Writing letters and emails voicing your opinion to prominent political figures is one way to be heard.  Attending public meetings is another way to be heard.  NOW is a superb time to get involved with supporting our environment and economy, not to mention our wild salmon.